Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WoW Movie Has Already Finished Live Action Production Work

Filming for the World of Warcraft movie has wrapped!

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about it... And now, it's happening. The film is still slated for a 2016 release due to the massive amount of post-production and special effects work, courtesy of Industrial Light & Magic (as if they won't be busy enough with the new Star Wars film). Dominic Cooper, who is one of the primary characters in the film, has been upfront about how daunting the entire prospect is.

"There have been people creating that world for many years and it's got a very specific look, [a]nd the characters within that, people have already made their minds up about who they are and what they mean to them...So that's quite a lot of pressure, in that you feel obligated to give the people who have spent the majority of their life playing it what they expect for it."

Duncan Jones, the director of the movie who is best known for the general audience Source Code, was excited to announce the movie being wrapped, at least for the physical actors. The digital ones are still to come. Both Blizzard and Legend have done a nice job about keeping the story quiet. We still don't know what the central focus will be, or who the main characters really are. It could be anything from an origin of WoW story to plucking random adventurers to create the most epic of quests. I'm still wary about the prospect, but curious for the results.


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