Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Heavy Hitters of E3 Already Rolling

Just returned from a convention this weekend and we are already into E3 mode. Is it me or does it seem to start earlier and earlier in the week every year?

Well Sony, Microsoft, and EA have already showcased their panels, offering a bevy of new content for the next gen consoles. EA is already getting flack for not providing BioWare enough stage time for Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect (#4, that's not really #4).

Sony showed off a lot of games and SonyTV which is a version of the PlaystationVita. Who needs a Vita? Not us, because no one is buying it. Kotaku AU's round-up of the events are quite accurate to my response from seeing the video. LittleBigPlanet3 and SackDog (the timing on a new game is perfect-we need a new LBP for the PS4), GrimFandago reboot, Space Dinosaurs, GTA5, and Indie Games!

Microsoft ended it's time slot with a quiet bang. It will be relaunching the XBox One with a competitive price, minus the Kinect hardware. The system has been retooled to make it "for gamers" as Phil Spencer emphasized throughout the talk. And gamers did not like the higher price or the mandatory Kinect add-on when most features do not require it (unless you want to play those Wii sports rip-offs). It'll put the system on a competitive level with the PS4, a system that has been outselling the XBox and many of us could argue that the $100+ price difference is a big factor. There were of course games to talk about, the biggest "news" being that the next Call of Duty release will have DLC that comes FIRST to the XBox One. Given the millions of gamers who still support CoD, that could be a huge factor in their decision on what console to buy next. But other then that, you have some new stuff from Platinum Games, Halo 5 beta, and the usual. Nothing to be too wowed about, other then Microsoft is at least trying to listen to what their customers want. We still don't think of the game consoles as these "all-in-one entertainment units." They play our games. Let's keep it simple.


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