Monday, June 23, 2014

League of Legends Scholarships

The internet was buzzing this weekend after Robert Morris University in Illinois announced via a press release that it would offer athletic scholarships for League of Legends gamers. It's plastered all over their home page.

eSports is becoming a big deal that some colleges now have teams. While most of these were created for fun and as a hobby, Robert Morris University will be one of the first to have school finances backing a team to compete at a national level. Students applying for the Fall 2014 semester can fill out the forms for scholarships, which can net up to 50% for tuition, room, and board. There are rules and restrictions. You need to have competed before on the national collegiate circuit (which yes, does exist for eSports) and well as a myriad of other qualifications. The myriad of rules is enough to deter most gamers. They want the hardcore League of Legends pack. But if you are such a person who also wants to be a doctor, that 50% tuition coverage can go quite a long way.

I know some people are calling bs on this scholarship. Why are they giving away college funds for gaming and not for science? In truth, scholarship money can be found in some of the oddest places and don't have to be tied in with the degree program you are following. I won a few poetry writing contests that helped cover my food bill for all of my undergrad years, and a foreign language essay that helped with my room costs, and a couple of small, local game tournaments on the side: and I went with a film degree. To me, it doesn't seem odd to have an eSports scholarships. In fact, Riot sponsors a yearly scholarship tournament where players can win up to $100,000 in scholarship funds for whatever their pursuits may be. It's just a new way to get money for college.


  1. Lol is awesome way to get money for college

  2. OMG, that's a great opportunity! I have never heard of it, thanks! Btw, I do love playing League of Legends.


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