Thursday, June 26, 2014

Morality With A Side of Airbending

Let's briefly continue on the wheel of morality, Forbes has an article about the hidden morals in games. Suggestion, if you read the article, start at the very bottom. That's where the thesis is, and THEN go back to the top and read. It helps in understanding what the writer is trying to get at.

Many video games internalize and individualize the tasks provided to the gamer. If there is success or failure, it's because of you and only you. Team play doesn't garner as many rewards to the story-line or to your character. Only when you play by yourself do you see more responses. As such, assisting others in quests takes a backseat to solo activities. And frankly, I'm not that surprised that video games are like this. In many ways, kids today are taught to fight for themselves, to be the best, and not work in a team nor to help their fellow man. Who wants to be one of a group of super heroes? You want to be The Batman. You don't want to play fifth or sixth place to the rest. The Forbes article is trying to convey why game mechanics need to change by improving our morality to help others. In the same way that parents and teachers need to not focus so much on an individuals success, but on group participation and respect.

But really, this is what I wanted to fangasm about: ZOMG Legend of Korra game! Dah!

So we know that games based off of movies and TV shows tend to suck. A lot. But! There are exceptions such as The Walking Dead, which pulls from the TV show and graphic novels. South Park: The Stick of Truth has done really well in sales, even with all of the headaches of THQ's bankruptcy. It may seem trite, but there is a force pushing for better quality games based on other franchises. Platinum Games, Bayonetta, will be taking the helm and releasing the game as a download via PSN, XBoxLive, and PC.

To help out, the lead writer for Korra, Tim Hendrick, has drafted the script, which takes place between Book 2 and Book 3. It's believed that the story will focus around Korra as she learns how to harness new powers, and battling it on in the Pro-Bending tournaments that have become fan favorites. The game will be released later this year. Given the hype around Avatar (not the blue people) that still exists, I wouldn't be surprised to see this become a hit. And it's Platinum Games. They know how to deliver action. This is where I would queue a sassy Bayonetta photo, but I'm going to be classy today.


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