Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh Australia...Stop Being Like China

Just about a year ago, Australia finally allowed for Mature rated games to enter their country under the R18+ rating. This did require some games to remove content deemed too violent (again, the irony considering Australia's origins during settlement), but many companies complied to get their games to a new market.

According to Kotaku Australia some lawmakers want to restrict sales of those R18+ games, possibly outright ban them again. The whole country has gone corrupt with these games on the market!

But it's not about the violent content in games. Rather, it's a broader rule they want to instill on all media for sexualizing children, based on a report recommendation from the Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young People. It's up to the Attorney General in Western Australia on if they want to follow through with action to limit, restrict, or outright ban sales of R18+ games, when maybe one or two would deal with the content in question.

This is the problem that I'm seeing with this clause: Anything that would be rated PG or above, T or above, in the U.S. would be edited before releasing in Australia. So any of this "content" that they are referring to doesn't exist in the games that are being sold. So...why are we making up this new law? Is it to help deter anyone from trying to slip the content in? Because I doubt that will happen. With how strict the board governing the sales of video games is, the chances of a mistake like that are virtually nonexistent. So I have to wonder if this really is about the safety of children, or just another politician trying to have the world see his way, and not stopping until it's done.

And even if the law is toned down to make it illegal to buy an 18+ game for someone under the age of 18, you still run into the same issues regarding enforcing the laws, and if the government even has the right to dictate how parents raise their kids.

The slope maintains it's slipperiness.


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