Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Prescription, Subscription

(Customer Service also helped manage mailing addresses for a gaming magazine that the company collaborates with. Here are a few favorite lines from customers over the years.)

Customer #1: Yeah, hi. I need to update my prescription address.

Customer #2: My prescription expired. How do I get more of the magazine?

Customer #3: Can I prescribe to the book?

Customer #4: I got a prescription expire thing in the mail. What do I do?

Customer #5: It says I have a subscription. But I thought it was a prescription?

Customer #6 (takes the cake): My prescription address needs to change.

Me: Okay. No problem. What is the old address?

Customer #6 *rattles off address*

Me: Hmm. I’m not able to find it. Is it under a different zip code maybe?

Customer #6: No. That’s where you guys send me my games.

Me: Your games? Do you mean from the [store] website?

Customer #6: Yeah. What else did you think I meant?

Me: So you need to update your mailing address for your online account, not for the magazine?

Customer #6: What magazine?


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