Thursday, July 31, 2014

Promo Codes Suck

(Here is one of a thousand reasons why I hate EA. The following is a summary of an email conversation with a customer – the email was escalated to me after the ‘bonus code’ team was unable to assist further.)

Original Message from Customer: I preorder Warhammer Online and didn’t get my beta code. I want my code.

(The follow-up messages were between customer service and the customer, getting his pre-order information and supplying him with a code. The turnaround was less than 24 hours, but the customer insisted on more “free stuff” because he wasn’t given the code instantly.)

Me: Dear [Customer]. We appreciate your patience in this matter. Due to the unexpected popularity of this pre-order, stores were not supplied with enough beta codes to go around, thus the need for customers to contact us instead. The process can take some time, as we need to verify that you did indeed pre-order the game through us and not a competitor. We only have so many beta codes to go around, and it would be unfair to all of our customers if we handed them out on a whim. I do show that you did receive your beta code, which I will attach to this message for you as well. (The rest of the message went over the code details, when the beta is active, etc.)

Customer Response: F*** you! I should have gotten a code immediately. I should get this game for free for your stupidity!

Me: Sir, while I apologize for the inconvenience, I’ll have to ask that you please do not use vulgar language in this conversation. Please keep in mind that this beta code is completely free, and in limited supply as mentioned in all of the advertisements, and even on your reservation receipt. There is no guarantee that you will receive a code. And because it is a free item, we cannot provide you with a free game as compensation for the delay. But as you can see in the previous emails, you did indeed receive your beta code, and you have not missed out on the beta at all. The beta will not begin until (XX Date-2 weeks later).

Customer Response: I don’t see a code. You owe me a code and a free game.

Me: Sir, here is your beta code: XXX     (And again I copy/paste the beta info after that).

Customer Response: It says it’s not valid. You gave me a bad code. This is the worse service ever! You all are morons!

Me: Sir, it states in the email that the beta does not begin until (XX Date). Your code will not work until then, just like everyone else. At this point, if you have no new questions, I will be unable to assist you further. Your code is XXX   The date the code will be valid is XXX. Any additional questions regarding the beta, please direct them to EA, the publisher.

Customer Response: But the code is not valid! F*** you guys!

(This went on for 2 weeks. I did stop replying and his messages were deleted. The last response was on the day of the beta where he wrote, “Oh, it works.” No apologies. -_- I hate bonus codes.)


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