Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sharknado Gets A Game

Sharknado 2, the sequal to Sharknado the runaway SyFy hit from last year, will be premiering on July 30th. And just to keep you shark/tornado fans busy long after the movie's release, an iOS game Sharknado: The Video Game will be available soon.

The Asylum approached SyFy with the project several months back once they announced a squeal to the movie, and the plan was set in motion. There is no release date on the game, but it should be soon given that July 30th date is nearing. The game is described as an "infinite runner." You run through the city as one of the main characters in a third person perspective, wielding weapons to stop sharknados. You can have broadswords, axes, even Gatling guns, and you can also pick up buckets of fish to toss at sharks lying on the side of the road to avoid them. Yeah...I haven't seen the movie so I'm going to assume that this is accurate to what happens in the movie. How do you stop a tornado of sharks with a broadsword?

Well, you Sharknado fans can stab and fling fish to your hearts content with the iOS game. Look for it under Asylum, or the publisher Majesco Entertainment through your app store.


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