Thursday, July 10, 2014

So Not Lindsay

Last Wednesday, actress Lindsay Lohan filed a civil suit with the state supreme court of New York claiming that Rockstar and Take Two Interactive used her likeness for the character Lacey Jonas in GTAV. The lawsuit has been brewing since December, but lack of evidence kept it from being pushed forward until recently.

And I'm sure Rockstar offices are still laughing about it.

Lohan claims that it's not just the image of the character that looks "like her," but the character's actions, mannerisms, and even a mission where you have to protect the digital character from the paparazzi mirrors her life (as she claims). Rockstar also apparently stole items from Lohan's clothing and accessory line because, you know, no one else but her makes the off-shoulder sweaters and large bangles. Oh and selfies! Don't forget the selfies. She does a lot of that, and you can too in GTAV.

Rockstar and Take Two have yet to comment, and I doubt they will. The case is likely to be thrown out. Nothing about the digital version looks like Lohan, and the character is based on a Hollywood archetype. Sorry Lohan, but you are not the only celebrity in Hollywood with the same, um, "problems." A number of people could easily fit the Lacey Jonas character persona. Lohan would have better luck going after the tabloids invading her privacy then a video game that didn't use her likeness.


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