Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bringing The Boys Back

Sierra is back!

By 2008, Sierra published titles had ceased to exist. It was absorbed into Activision and any new products released were under the ATV brand. If you don't know Sierra Entertainment, they provided us with the Crash Bandicoot series, Half-Life, Counter Strike, and Spyro the Dragon. Yeah. They were a very big deal in the 1990's for PlayStation and PC gamers.

Activision has announced at GamesCon this week that Sierra will be allowed more leeway and a chance to make games under their label again, partnering up with other developers such as Lucid Games. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will be the first title returning to Sierra's line-up. And, and and and! King's Quest. Flippin' King's Quest is coming back! Retro and 90's gamers, it is time to rejoice! No release date has been announced, but Sierra will be working with The Odd Gentlemen for this title, with anticipation for a 2015 sale.

Start writing those thank you letters to Activision.


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