Thursday, August 07, 2014

Lists Of The Internet!

Busy day is busy, so we're going back to some gaming lists. I haven't linked these in quite a while. Lists of random assorted gaming related topics can be amusing. Or annoying. Take your pick. You either enjoy them because the writer is on point, or you hate them because they start bashing on your favorite game.

What Culture will start us out with the 10 Biggest Video Game Hoaxes. I remember the one about Pokémon Red and Blue. That was mean. We should have been able to get the legendary Mew!

TheTopTens, a website devoted to making lists compiled one from it's users on the 10 Most Hated Game Characters. Wario and Waluigi were there. Poor guys. Wario is one of the strongest characters to use in the Mario Kart franchise. Yes he has slow acceleration, but at top speed with his weight, he can be annoying to race against.

Ranker has the Best City Building Simulators, and Sim City is not number 1. It's Pharoh, a 1999 PC game released by Sierra (the Command and Conquer crew). What makes Pharoh so different from other games, particularly at that time, was the focus on food production, monument construction, and engaging in battles with enemies. There is also a campaign mode that allowed players to do a ramped up version of the game. If you're wondering where Sim City is on the list, it's #3 with Rush Hour.

ArcadeSushi tells us the 10 Protagonists Who Ruined Great Games. They listed Tidus as #5 from Final Fantasy X. I don't like this list. Why? Because Tidus IS the freekin' game. Is he a little annoying at times? Sure. But the kid got flung into the far future where everything he has known is gone. I think we would would be wallowing and blubbering about it. Clearly they didn't see my FF panel to know how important he is to the game, before writing the list.

But their followup, Best RPG's, make up for the worst protagonists. FF6, Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario RPG? Win.


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