Monday, August 11, 2014

NCAA Paying Athletes Won't Save Video Game

Opinion piece time. Not by me. With the rush of news regarding the NCAA/EA breakup, and the fallout, it's no surprise that people are weighing in on the ordeal. Polygon is already raising a few eyebrows over the court ruling, which would allow delayed payment to athletes likeness' being used in the games, stating that paying players won't kill college football. And it really won't, not with the amount of money the NCAA rakes in. But it won't save the video game version either.

This year is the first in a 19 year history that we do not have an NCAA football title. Or any NCAA title for that matter. The group is shopping around for a new game publisher. But you know what? The world didn't end. Sure a few football players would like to see the games back in action, but now that so much money is being involved and everyone wants a piece of it, it may no longer be in NCAA's best interest to put out games for the time being. They should focus more on cleaning up their image as anything but a money-grubbing empire...which they'll still be, but with kittens and rainbows.


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