Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Future of The Geek Spot, and Linkorama!

There are so many stories out there today about a new study showing that video games aren’t really all that bad for kids, in moderation.

And yes, I did link Fox News. You know it’s noteworthy when even Fox News is okay with talking about the study’s findings in a semi-logical manner. But to us gamers, we already knew that video games had multiple benefits from stress release at the end of a long day, to improving cognitive reasoning and hand-eye coordination. Slowly, everyone else is catching up to the knowledge we have held for decades.

So let’s talk about something else.

For the past few months I have been going back and forth with myself on how to expand The Geek Spot. A daily Monday-Friday blog is fun, and I far exceeded my goal for one year of continual posting. My other blogs for school projects or random concepts fell flat after a few months. I write this blog for myself, but I know a lot of you read this without leaving comments. I see the stats (smirks). And that’s okay. I’m glad you all find enough enjoyment in my writing to return. And the audience has expanded over the years, with reach growing into parts of Asia and Europe that I never expected.

But I want to do more.

I attempted with the “Let’s Play” blog postings, and now that I have the equipment, I’d like to record more of these and upload them to YouTube. I want to write more game reviews, old and new. I want to be involved in more gaming conventions as media, press, or an attendee and provide content as it is happening on the expo floor. I want to provide more interviews with industry members within the business as well as those who review their products.

The problem is time. I’m finishing up with school soon. Maybe for good, or not, but it will be over. I’ll be moving on with life trying to jump into the career that I have been putting off for a decade now. Part of that involves moving, changing jobs, reigning in my budget, and building a life with my boyfriend. For as much as I want TGS to grow, the real world reminds me that I need to be an adult. Responsibilities are a mark that you are old enough to be legal, but a pain in the ass at the same time. I want to do more with TGS. I want to be more involved in the gaming community, and I hope with the new year that will be possible.

I’d prompt you fair readers about now, asking what you would like to see in the near future, but I know there won’t be a response. And that’s okay. I take comfort in knowing that you all still read my ramblings, musings, and daily notes and choose to return tomorrow for the next installment. But keep an eye out for some new things.

Or at the very least, throw out a few game suggestions for another Let’s Play segment.


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