Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bayonetta 2 - Weak Game Sales?

According LazyGamer, via a report on game sales in Japan, Bayonetta 2 is tanking right now. After just one day of release, it has pushed 38 thousand units. For one day, that's not bad. It's in third place behind other Nintendo titles Super Smash Bros. and Yokai Watch 2, both on the 3DS. Given the international popularity of Smash Bros. and the rising fame of Yokai, that's still pretty good. I wouldn't call a first day of 38,000ish sales bad at all!

Smash Bros. over a 7 day period (September 15-21) sold 321,363 units. That is roughly 45,909 units a day on average - only 7909ish more then what Bayonetta 2 sold on one day. Yokai Watch 2 has sold over 56,000 units within that same 7 day time-frame. The day Bayonetta 2 released was the end of the weekly cycle, so it was settled into third place when it easily could have overtaken Yokai.

Personally, I think LazyGamer is overreacting just a bit. It has only been ONE DAY. The rest of the numbers will come in. It released on September 20th in Japan and will be here in the U.S. on October 25th. Let's let the sale cycle continue for this week and check the numbers for September 22-28 and then a more accurate statement regarding the numbers can be presented. Chill pill everyone. I know the Wii-U is still trying to find it's foothold and could use third party developers, but at least give the non-Nintendo games more then a day to impress the public.


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