Wednesday, September 10, 2014

EA Sports Removing Booted Raven's Player

I heard this bit of news on the way home from work while listening to the radio yesterday evening. Yes...people still listen to the radio in their cars. I prefer the local shows over the national syndicated attire (they tend to get too dry and repetitive quickly because they have to appease a broader audience). With all of the coverage over former Baltimore Raven football player Ray Rice, EA Sports confirmed to FOX Sports that they will be removing the running back from Madden NFL '15. 
That's a blow to the ego.

With Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension from the NFL, he will be removed from Madden NFL 15. This roster change will take place by this Friday.” ~ John Reseburg, EA Sports Head of Corporate Communications.

This is one of the first times EA has been both public and swift about removing content within a game. Given the backlash of the situation, I'm not surprised, but I am at the same time. Usually the art of video games tends to be left as is. When the product is done, it's done. At most developers will push out patches to fix glitches or to add new content, but not to remove material.

So if Ray Rice is on your dream team in Madden, say goodbye to him. Or never log online with your XBox or PlayStation if you want to keep him on your roster. The update will only affect those who have an internet connection or buying new versions of the game once they begin production (most likely by the end of the month).


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