Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Geekified Weekend: Now With More Groot

This was a busy convention weekend for the geek world. The largest gaming and fantasy cons for fans were open on opposite ends of the country: Pax Prime and Dragon*Con. And both were ripe with announcements and new things for our geeky eyes to feast upon. I was at Dragon*Con, but having friends and comrades who are gamers kept me in the loop while my 4G service was down. So! Here's the wrap-up on weekend offerings:

- Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell announced. Yes, it's "gat" not "get." I checked a few sources to make sure I wasn't misreading it. The latest in the franchise is doing the only thing that it can to one up the past games, by taking the characters into Hell where they fight demons in silly ways in order to save their souls. Should we be surprised? They made a chair that shoots rockets in Saints Row 4. What other options do they have?

- Nintendo to release a new 3DS. Not only is it lighter, sleeker, and better processing power, IT HAS MORE BUTTONS! Very important. It will come with an analog stick and 2 new buttons to play with, and 2 more triggers. It sounds like Nintendo wants to lure in more console FPS gamers to the system. Because what do we like as FPS fans? Buttons. It will also have a Micro SD slot, improved camera and auto light adjustments, and a sensor system for the Amiibo figurines Nintendo has released for the Wii-U. It's packing a lot of stuff for such a small handheld unit. Something that could easily compete against today's phones.

- Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC. Yep. DLC is already in the works with some of the best ideas ever. Gearbox, you're making me into a fangirl and I like it. Like BL2, there will be a Season Pass that grants you access to all of the core DLC's without additional funds. The new thing is that you get access to any new characters as well, so you don't have to fork over more money. Who are the new characters that you can play with? Well, how about Handsome Jack, the villain in BL2? Well the Pre-Sequal is all about Jack's adventure visa-vie his comrades on the moon so there is logic behind it. I was excited to play as ClapTrap, but now I can be Jack? Sweet. Bonus: you can unlock Tiny Tina as your narrator after your first play through of the game. Seriously. Gearbox. Fangirl me.

- James Gunn is making "Grooting" a thing. The director of Guardians of the Galaxy was at Dragon*Con this weekend as part of the Guardians tour, and stopped by the large Marvel photo shoot that takes place every year. And he's starting...a thing. Taking awkward dancing to a new level by getting the giant staircase full of Marvel cosplayers to join in on the craze. If you look closely, I'm in there too. So...I'm contributing. At least it's not twerking. And it's already on Urban Dictionary. We're internet famous.

- Terry Gilliam talks Breaking Bad, and how it changed his perspective on film making. If you don't know Terry, he's probably best known for his work with Monty Python. During a press conference he reveals how binge watching Breaking Bad is allowing him to look at movies differently, and expanding his horizons, while still maintain his geeky, silly cred. Great video, if you have the time to watch.


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