Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Great Gaming Exploits!

I made an attempt to work up an interesting blog post today. But it's been one of those morning that I wish had ended the moment the alarm clock went off.

So instead, you get an early link round-up with a list: 8 Notorious Game Exploits, brought to you by IGN. Why? Well they made me giggle. I used the Super Mario and Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road mishap all the time. That trick is a time saver if you nail it - or it completely screws you if you miss the jump and fall off the track. Rainbow Road is an evil mistress.

But I also learned about other exploits that I was completely oblivious about. Skyrim with 'Bucket Head Burglary?' I need to try it now! And the flying tank in GTA3? I knew that once you got a tank in GTA3, you were nearly invincible and you could do a lot of crazy things with it. But flight? Yep. I need to try it now.

Edit: I fail at life. The English version of the first Katamari game was released Sept 21st, 10 years ago! All hail the Katmari!


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