Thursday, September 04, 2014

Intellegent Debate Only Zone

To continue on with the posting from yesterday, I have found a rather intelligent article regarding the push back of gamers against critics, particularly Anita Sarkeesian. And most of the comments have a very active dialogue of debate and understanding. Most. Not all. There will always be trolls on the internet.

The article is basically a spin off of Sarkeesian's work: Tropes Vs. Sarkeesian. They are taking common points of view about Sarkeesian and fleshing them out to provide some form of reality around them, instead of troll spam. For example, the fact that she made a TON of money from the Kickstarter project but it took quite a bit of time for the first video, and subsequent videos, to be produced. Many called her a liar and a fake because of it. "She pocketed the money!" Well...duh? I mean, she initially asked for only $6 grand and received over $150k. She made a profit. Good for her. She's being a business-minded person. If it were a man doing this, no one would have second guessed it.

But for the hard fact: Most Kickstarter projects can take months, sometimes years, before any results are produced. That's the point of crowdfunding. You're investing in a future product. There isn't an instant turnaround for it. Take Reading Rainbow for example, one of the largest projects on KS to date. It has been well over a month since rewards were promised to be released, but issues in production have been causing setbacks. It happens! We're still sitting here, calmly waiting for the updates. If there is an angry Reading Rainbow contributor, they are in the wrong fandom.

While I personally find that the delay between videos is a bit extreme, I also understand that they take time to produce and collect materials. Sarkeesian isn't just spouting information at random, but playing the games and developing the talking points. Being academic minded takes time. Why else would it take 4 years to get a PhD? Those thesis' are brutal to compile.

Take this as another point of view to look at in the entire debacle and form your own opinions. But I approve of the healthy debates. It will raise up the art of gaming.


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