Friday, September 19, 2014

Temp Home For VGM - Possibly

Frisco, a suburb of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metoroplex in Texas, is looking to have a permanent home for a video game museum. City leaders want to donate up to $1 million dollars in funds towards this endeavor. If the Smithsonian accepts games, then why shouldn't other museums?

The Video Game History Museum, established in 2009, has been a roaming cornucopia of gaming history, and now boasts one of the world's largest collections. Even their 2011 Kickstarter campaign gave them worthy internet buzz to keep the project alive. But since it's creation, founds John Hardie, Sean Kelly and Joe Santulli have been looking for a stable home to house said collection. There were rumors of it popping up in Ohio and Detroit, Michigan, but none of those panned out.

But Frisco wants the collection to take up a permanent residence in Texas. The site is expected to be the Sci-Tech Discovery Center, which also houses a children's museum and an art gallery. Renovation of the space is estimated at $1 million (thus the funds!) and start-up costs. City planners are dubbing it "National Videogame Museum 1.0" as a 'beta' version to see how well the idea sells with visitors, and if a permanent home should be built for just the museum. Yeah. I thought that was a corny name too. Una McKeen, the Video Game Museum's director of development, is excited at the prospect, and it sounds like they are already moving forward with...moving in to Frisco. They have already estimated that visitors for a yearly basis will be 42,000 (which seems low, but that's pretty normal for a non-profit museum), and look to open their doors in April. Space will be a factor, since it is a building housed by other non-profits. So the entire game collection will not be made available. If everything is finalized within the upcoming month, DFW will officially have the first gaming museum in the United States. If it does come to fulfillment, I'll be there opening day to experience everything the museum has to offer.


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