Thursday, September 11, 2014

Web Link Round-Up With Will Ferrell

There is a bunch of gaming and tech news out today, so we'll do another link round up for your reading pleasure.

- A new Indigogo campaign began titled 'Will Ferrell's SuperMegaBlastMax Gamer challenge.' No it's not a new game, but an awareness campaign to help raise money for cancer research. DonateGames and Cancer for College are the two charities that will benefit from this campaign, showcasing how gaming helps those in need. So what's the prize in all of this? Well you can get some Amazon gift cards, free downloads, and a chance to play against Will Ferrell via Twitch. If you donate anything over $10 will garner you an entry into the sweepstakes. If the fundraising reaches their $375k target, one lucky person can game against Ferrell. Chances of him doing impersonations? Likely, but I think he just wants to kick the gamer's ass.

- Gmail Hacked? Well not really, but the company does recommend that you change your password if you are concerned. Last night news began to spread that over 5 million accounts were hacked via Google's Gmail. When people began to research and calm their frantic brains, they found that no, Google wasn't hacked. Someone managed to find a list on a Russian website listing Gmail addresses and passwords, so people assumed the company was hacked. Actually the passwords in question are cobbled together from other websites that may or may not work with the email. Basically, the email on the list with adjoining password could have been used at one point in time on other websites. But many of the passwords are so old and no longer valid, that the chance of someone having your particular Gmail password is slim. Still, if you're concerned, change your passwords on all logins where you use your Google email. 2 step authentication doesn't hurt either.

- GameStop Credit Card. Yep. The gaming retailer has joined with Alliance Data Systems to launch a private label credit card that will work in conjunction to the company's PowerUp Rewards program. Some important things about the card: No annual fee. New accounts will receive 15,000 PowerUp points if you are a Pro member. Regular members receive 5,000 points when signing up. No news on if you use the card for purchases if you'll increase your Rewards points versus not using the card at all. Given that 28 million people have the card, and most of those are minors who legally can not have a credit card, this is a risky move. Oh, and there's a 27% interest on it. Yep. This thing will literally kick you in the ass if you miss even one payment.

- Cricket Wireless Available at GameStop starting end of October. Because there has been a bit of GS news this week, I'll also float this by you, fair readers. Cricket is considered the small-fry in the wireless business. While they have their own stores and footholds in many Walmart locations, they are not as competitive as AT&T or T-Mobile. But what they do offer is cell phones and data on the cheap. It may not be the best signal, but you pay a fraction of the cost. So it makes sense to join in to GameStop where...they sell games. Okay that didn't make sense. GameStop has been taking in used cell phones for trades for just over a year now, and sells used phones and tablets. While the trades are not as dominate as games, they warranted enough interest for Cricket to be involved. If you trade in your old phone, you can use the credit to get a new one, or for other GameStop products. How this will work at the store level, I don't know. Employees have a hard enough time keeping up with all of the inventory. Throwing cell phone sales in on top of it is a bit insane. Hopefully, and for once I hope but my hope is non-existent given my knowledge of GameStop corporate politics, they will have Cricket sales reps specifically hired/available for that reason and not shuck it to the current GameStop employees. But I will not hold my breath on that.


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