Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why I Will Not See Frozen...Yet.

Geek blog. Not a full on gaming blog. I dive into other topics too. So if this is not your thing, I'll be back tomorrow with another gaming moment. But today, I want to talk about Frozen, the animated Disney movie that exploded snow and glitter all over the faces of American children. The film released nearly a year ago, November of 2013 to be exact, and every aspect of the movie is still overwhelming our senses. Visiting department stores with the Christmas gear going up, you can hear the soundtrack overhead; it has become that involved in our daily lives. "Let It Go" is no longer a simple phrase to say when someone should get over whatever is bugging them. Now it's a song that sticks in your head all day long. If I hear that playing at a store, I start heading out. I have heard so many parodies that the original context of the song has lost all meaning.

As a convention-goer, Frozen is everywhere. In that setting, you are guaranteed to see at least 5 Elsa's and Anna's on a daily basis. Minimum. I have yet been to a convention this year where I haven't seen a Frozen character. Even at PAX East, a video game expo, there were cosplayers dressed up from Frozen. Don't get me wrong. I applaud anyone who dresses up as their favorite character and would never single them out for their choice. I was even asked as a judge at a costume panel I was hosting "what cosplay I am tired of seeing?" My answer was Frozen, which made the questioner distraught. Guess what her contest cosplay was? You got it. Elsa, with an Anna to boot. I didn't penalize them for their costume choices. That's not fair to them, and something I would never do. You must be objective as a judge. They have every right to wear those costumes, and I focus on the craft, not the character choice. Digressing a bit there; seeing Frozen costumes at every convention, constantly, and having no break from the onslaught of the movie in my daily life, it gets tiring.

My friends talk about it enough to insist that I watch it and be amazed. It fills my Facebook feed. At least now it's weekly. It use to be daily. But if the conversation on the movie isn't from them, it is somewhere else.

I have been saturated by Frozen to the point that I no longer want to see the movie. I know some of the songs, but do not care to find out about the characters that sing them. I have been smacked in the head once again with, what I dubbed as, 'Citizen Kane Syndrome.'

What is CKS?

Have you have ever been told how "awesome, amazing, fantastic, wonderful" a movie is, only to go watch said movie and become dissatisfied at the results? "This was the 'best movie ever' that everyone was talking about? This is terrible!"

You have just experienced CKS. It is the plight of every film student. Each semester we were forced by at least one professor to watch Citizen Kane. We were always told it was the best movie ever made. He or she would go on, and on, and on...and on about the history and legacy it left behind that all movies should be compared to.

And then we watched the film.

It was crap.

And every semester we had to bs a 10 page essay on why we feel it is the greatest piece of cinema of all time while questioning the sanity of our professors. Why this movie? What makes it the "best movie ever?"

It is because we have been built up to this forecast of greatness, that the movie has no where else to go but down. We are filled with expectations and beliefs that best fulfill our scenario on awesome films. Anything less and we will hate it. Only when you have no pre-conceived notions are you able to appreciate the film for what it is.

Personal opinion: Citizen Kane is still a 'meh' movie. From a sound designers point of view, it is very unique from its predecessors. It brought in a new era of sound production that focused on the effect sound and music can have on the audience. As a story, it was lackluster and floundered between Orson Well's performance and directing style.

This is the state I am currently in with Frozen. I know that if I go rent the movie today and watch it, I will not like it. I have been tainted by the rest of the world that no matter how "great" Frozen may be, I will see that movie as crap. The movie is in the now, hip and culturally relevant, that any additional contact I have to it will further taint the outcome of watching said film.

So feel free to continue going Frozen crazy in your corner. You can keep trying to pressure me to see it, but I think it is in everyone's best interest that I wait until the commotion dies down so I may appreciate the movie for what it is - not by the influence of others. I've had enough CKS to fill 5 lifetimes that new films should not suffer the same fate.

I will not be convinced to build a snowman or to let it go.

It is not the first time in forever, nor will it be the last. Sadly.

My heart is frozen, solid on this.

And you really don't want me to be that anti-Frozen person. I'm a founding member of the EA hate train. You can see how much I dislike them. Imagine that with Frozen posts. Let's not add to it.


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