Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FF7 Midgar Minecraft Completed!

 Here is today's clean post:

After 2+ years of work, the FF7 Midgar Minecraft world is complete!

And it is glorious!

Initially started as a pet project under the name Aegis Gaming, the group eventually disbanded but that didn't stop user Killerx20 from moving on to see it through. The focus was on the sectors that appeared in the Final Fantasy games, FF7, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus. Over time, Killerx20 would like to make an interconnected sewer network and additional transports that fit the game's theme (right now the only way to get around is walking, or flying your avatar). And instead of claiming full victory, he acknowledged the help of his cohorts even as they dispersed and could no longer offer assistance. Good man. You can download the map here and install it under Minecraft Vanilla 1.6.4. Almost 85% of the blocks were hand placed. Some of the core shells of the outer plates were heavily modified.

Enjoy the pretty images:


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