Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Myst Making A Comeback?

I played the sh*t out of Myst when I was a kid. I loved this game like no other and it was the game that made me believe that PC gaming was the wave of the future. And while we still debate on PC vs. Console gaming, Myst is one of those titles that cemented the history of games to come. Legendary Entertainment has finalized a deal with Myst creators Rand and Robyn Miller with an updated adaptation of Myst.

We don't know if this will be another game, a television show, or a web-based movie. All are possibilities at this point. Rand and Robyn see this as an opportunity to bring new life to Myst and develop the story further into areas they couldn't imagine two decades ago. Potentially, a television show (ala Defiance) could spawn a new game and companion tablet games to expand plot points and develop additional story lines.

Legendary currently owns the movie rights to Dead Rising (which will be released exclusively on Crackle and is currently in production), as well as the waffling World of Warcraft and Mass Effect movies. Move over superheros. It's time for video games to shine at the cinema. Maybe.


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