Wednesday, December 03, 2014

GTAV Pulled From Australian Target Stores

Announced moments ago, Target posted a media release regarding the sales of Grand Theft Auto V. A petition was created by 3 Female, former sex workers, who deplored the depiction of the treatment of women in the game. Forty thousand plus signatures later and Target agreed.

The petition notes that "literally makes a game of bashing, killing and horrific violence against women," adding that "women are being portrayed as deserving to be sexually used by men and potentially murdered for sport and pleasure – to see this violence that we lived through turned into a form of entertainments is sickening and causes us great pain and harm."

I've argued why, as a feminist, I enjoy the game, but to each their own.

Target General Manager Corporate Affairs Jim Cooper stated that the decision was made after hearing customer concerns, both on the petition and through their website, e-mails, and contact forms. He also mentions that people have contacted them in support of selling the game, "[h]owever, we feel the decision to stop selling GTA5 is in line with the majority view of our customers."

 The game is rated R18+ in Australia, which means only those licensed, 18 and older are allowed to purchase the product. Target Australia will still sell other R18+ games, but because of the strong feedback from customers, they felt it was best to pull the game.

Before you all get up in arms U.S. gamers, the chances of this happening here are virtually non-existent. The release of GTA5 for the PS4 and XBoxOne are guaranteed to rake in high holiday sales - something Target would not want to miss out on. Frankly, Australia has always had really stiff laws regarding video games. Sometimes going so far as requiring content being changed to allow the product into their country. The cases against video games in the U.S. have gone in favor of the games. That First Amendment is pretty awesome like that.


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