Friday, December 05, 2014

Holiday Link Round-Up!

So many top "must buy" lists are out for the holiday season, and I wanted to share the ones that make me chuckle and/or groan.

- As Forbes continues to become more hardcore in the gaming journalism sphere, they have released a Top 6 Game Guide for families. There are the usual suspect: Mario, Mario, and more Mario. But what made me raise an eyebrow was the suggestion of Diablo III: The Ultimate Evil Edition. That's...not a family game Forbes. Please explain.

"But for slightly older kids, there’s no reason this can’t be fun for the whole family. The violence is cartoony and hardly graphic. And you can play with four people at the same time, battling through hordes of enemies, scooping up mad loot, and leveling and powering up to your heart’s content."

By "older kids" the writer had to refer to those age 17+ because this is still an M rated game. Just want to point that out here...

- GameZone graces us with the Top 10 Star Wars Games of All Time! This is one I was willing to read through because there are a LOT of Star Wars games. They may not be as plentiful now since LucasArts was dissolved, but they still make up a chunk of the gaming landscape that they could easily be pitted against Mario and Zelda titles for who has the biggest stash. It's one of the few lists that I mostly agree on the choices, though it does miss out on some of the early 1990's titles such as Super Star Wars for the Super Nintendo, one of the best designed platformers you'll find to date, and X-Wing/Tie Fighter. But #1 and #2? Yeah. I will not contest those spots. They're perfect.

- The Verge sizes up portable consoles and their results are a bit surprising. We know that the Nintendo 3DS is the king of the market and the PlayStation Vita has yet to take off on the level that gamers know it can achieve. Frankly, the DS has more content. But pitted against each other? Well according to The Verge, the Vita is far superior by nearly a point in their arbitrary rating system. Beating those two is the Apple iPad Mini! An Apple product? Something not designed to consume video games and will never have products like Mario Kart or God of War? Whoever designed this article needs to take a step back and look at the facts. I really don't want to say that the the piece reads like an Apple fan-boy wrote it...but that's how it reads.

- GameInformer brings us The Glitch King, a video listing of top games out right now that are full of funny arse glitches. It's good for a few laughs at the bugs in games.

- And finally, if you live in LA, California, LA List has 7 places where you can get your gaming on. The first spot, EightyTwo, looks like a warehouse, which is apparently "hip" according to LA List. So, whatever. We'll roll with it. The One Up looks more my speed with a Space Invader sign. But I'm not sure how thorough they were with the research. Their last pick was Dave and Busters, which, while an entertaining place, I'm sure LA has more independent places in the area.


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