Thursday, December 25, 2014

[Update] Sony Says "Merry Christmas" With Downed Network

It's a day that many gamers dread: Christmas. For 2 reasons. One is completely unavoidable, and that's everyone opening their new games and jumping online to play them, resulting in lots and lots of lag. It happens. The other is Sony's fault.

Currently the PlayStation Network is down with a message that the system is undergoing maintenance. There were threats by a hackers group that there would be a "Christmas Surprise" if Sony Entertainment released The Interview. But right now Sony is stating this is just maintenance, possibly to prevent said hacking. No reports on when everything will be fixed, but hopefully soon. I'd like to get my GTA Christmas gear with the creepy gingerbread man mask.

Update 4:50pm: Both PSN and XBox Live are down.A hacking group called Lizard Squad is claiming responsibility. Most likely it is a hacking attempt as even the U.K. servers are experiencing trouble. So thanks whomever is doing this. Have a Happy Freekin' Christmas too. >.> Way to upset people over nothing. Are there even ethical hacking groups anymore? Seems like they do it just because they can, not to get a point across.


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