Friday, January 30, 2015

Keep Your Hearts Open

Double whammy for you all this evening.

Unexpectedly, Anthony Burch, Borderlands 2 lead writer, is leaving Gearbox after the company announced at PAX  South that they were looking to add more people to their team to start game number 3. In his tweet to the world, he is moving to LA to be the head writer for a show. Jokingly he says there's a good chance that in 6 months he'll be back at Gearbox. Being in LA is rough.

Fans have been showing their support for him today, and we wish him the best.

And also in the news this evening, Monty Oum, the animator behind Dead Fantasy and Rooster Teeth's RWBY has been hospitalized for an unknown illness. Since posting, fans have been pouring in donations, raising nearly $100 grand to help cover his medical bills in 4 hours. The man is an artistic talent we haven't seen in years, and we hope he is able to recover from this sudden turn of events.


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