Monday, January 05, 2015

Sony Response To PlayStation Network Hack

As it has become customary for Sony to provide content for customers with downed networks during the holiday season, Sony has announced some "perks" to compensate those who could not access the PlayStation Network during the Christmas outage.

The list is not as impressive as it has been in previous years:

- Current PlayStation Plus members will receive a 5 day extension to their subscription.
- New memberships or free trials that had an active subscription up to December 25th will also receive the 5 day extension.
- Sometime in January, Sony will release a 10% discount code that will apply to all products in your shopping cart through the PSN. This is valid for all PSN members.

And that's it. No free games. Just a couple of extra days on the house if you already have Plus.

My initial stance on the whole hacking situation hasn't changed much. This was an issue outside of Sony's control - an outside forced hacked into their systems and brought down the network. This is something that, unfortunately, has been happening too often. Why hackers want to bring down a gaming network? I don't know. They apparently enjoy annoying gamers instead of using their abilities for social causes, like spreading the word about how 1 in 4 people in Texas, 49 million people in the U.S., face hunger daily - never knowing if they will get another meal. That seems like a cause worthy of informing the country about, not taking down gaming networks. But, to each their own.

It's not the end of the world if the network is down. However as a PS Plus subscriber, I could see where the money would be considered a waste. Unlike the PS3, the PS4 requires you to have a subscription for online game play, similar to Microsoft. So a few free-be days to add to your time card is an acceptable form of compensation. For the rest of us? Don't get into a hissy-fit. The network is back up. It didn't ruin your Christmas or your New Years. Go game and get over it.


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