Friday, February 27, 2015

A Different POV On Sarkeesian University Speech

Remember when I went to the Anita Sarkeesian talk at UTD a few weeks back? She held the same speech at NYU this week, and Stephen Totilo from Kotaku was at the helm reporting on it. It's the same presentation that I outlined, but Totilo's point of view comes from a Sarkeesian supporter and not someone who critiques her work. So it's a new perspective on how Sarkeesian approaches the topic of changing video games to be more inclusive of women. I'm apart of that "on the fence" crowd she referred to at the NYU speech.

She states 8 points on how developers can update their games and still make them unique forms of story-telling. It can be verbose so if you want the short-hand list, Totilo summed it up nicely in a comment. While our experiences with the presentation were different, one thing we shared was the security concerns. NYU had metal detectors and visible police presence at all times. I didn't have to go through extra security, but it was very obvious that police were out and about at UTD. No one wanted to take chances. And we all remarked on how silly it was that we need police because a woman is talking about video games. Of all the things! Directors such as Martin Scorsese visit NYU all the time to speak to students and they don't receive a fraction of the protection that Sarkeesian needs - but again they haven't been threatened with the level of violence that she has. All because she talks about video games...that's sad. People really suck sometimes.

An alternate point of view from a follower. Enjoy! I wonder what the #GamerGate-r would have to say...anyone care to comment so we can have all sides review Ms. Sarkeesian's speech?


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