Monday, February 09, 2015


We are doubling on the stories that may make you hit your head against your desk.

- According to sources via The Wallstreet Journal, Netflix is looking to produce The Legend of Zelda into a live-action series. Yep. Zelda. On TV. Again. Let's not forget how horrible of an experience that was last time. As we all know well, taking a video game and transforming it into different medias can be difficult, and does not produce the best results. Netflix is looking to make Zelda a Game of Thrones for families. I hope they mean in popularity, because GoT is not kid friendly. Right now this is all rumor. Neither Nintendo nor Netflix's PR reps will comment on the story.

If there is anything that you have learned from The Geek Spot over the years, it's that some games are never meant to be movies or tv shows. They work best in their video game medium because that's how they were developed. RPG's, action-adventures, FPS, these type of games don't fit in other realms of entertainment without completely re-tooling the original content. And at that point, why bother using the game as source material at all?

In all fairness, Netflix has been quite successful at bringing new programming to the masses. It's very likely they can make Legend of Zelda work. History with game movies and TV shows say otherwise, but you never know...

- #GamerGate is the featured topic on the next Law and Order: SVU. The show is known for pulling content from media headlines, and given it's production schedule, it would have coincided when Gamergate was initially blowing up. The episode entitled "Intimidation Game" and focuses on a woman being attacked at a game convention, and the detectives uncovering the "seedy underbelly" of the gaming world. Hardcore. The woman in the story replicates Anita Sarkeesian and other female gaming personalities, wanting to stand up against the threats against her, and throwing in a jab at Sony's expense. While the show, supposedly, doesn't call out Gamergate directly...that's pretty much what the episode is about. If you're interested, it''ll air Wednesday night on NBC. Otherwise, come sit with me in the corner as we continue to head desk.

Well, at least someone is talking about the violence and threats against women. We need action, but it's better then nothing, I guess?


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