Tuesday, March 24, 2015

And Another Gaming Business Hacked

We all knew this was going to happen: on Monday, Twitch released a statement that their services were hacked, with an untold number of accounts were "inappropriately accessed." It seems that today every company is getting hacked. I realize that the article I linked is dated 2012, but the hacks have not slowed down. They're getting worse.

In my Tumblr feed last night I found out that Sephora was hacked not too long ago. And apparently, it happens to them a lot. As soon a I can find the post I'll link it, but in essence a young woman bought a $12 tube of lipstick, and within 24 hours he information was stolen. The perpetrator was able to open up at least 2 new credit cards and have charged over $15,000 to them. Now that it's been reported to the credit bureau, her credit score has dropped and student loan companies do not want to do business with her. She's going for her Masters degree. So now that no one will loan to her, she needs to have a willing legal guardian to co-sign of she's sh*t out of luck. Student loans are a beating to obtain and to pay back in the U.S.

And this is the crap that happens daily. It's amazing that businesses haven't beefed up their security by now with how common this all is. This crap ruins lives. Literally!

Twitch is forcing every user to reset their password. All accounts linked to Twitter and YouTube profiles have had their access removed and you'll need to re-verify everything. So don't be surprised if you're asked to create a new password next time you log in.


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