Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Relationship Advice Over Male Gamers.../sigh

 I don't know why I clicked on this article, but I did. I seem to type that quite often. Curiosity. Or it could have been the improper grammar/spelling of the original title before it was changed, but it's still in the URL, that had me smirking. I'm not sure.

From His Mouth: What Women Should Know About Men & Video Games.

Here we go. A male's perspective on how to handle a guy who's into video games, which according to the article is every man out there, but written by a woman. "Press a RESET on the relationship" to get involved, or at least feign interest, in his gaming habits. Okay. Deep breath.

The article itself isn't terrible, again ignoring the misuse of grammar. The problem that I have is the way the writer, Karen Taylor Bass, approached the subject. She admits that she doesn't play games, has tried to be the spectator but just couldn't find enjoyment from it. That's fine.! You don't have to like video games. There are some men out there who don't play them either. Shocking, I know, given that the article gives the impression that, that's all men do in their free time.

She makes the assumption, again this is all based on the way the article is written, that every woman need to find out why men like playing games, and that will make your relationship that much stronger. Because obviously women don't play games, and even Bass' husband can only recall one women "getting" the gaming thing since beginning his hobby in 1983 - which he finds sexy.

I'm not a gamer to be sexy, folks. I'm a gamer because I like the medium of entertainment. It's not to attract male friends or boyfriends. It's to play games, experience new stories, and expand my creativity.

I can appreciate the husband's approach to gaming that video games do not make men immature. If you were born and bread that way, you'll always be like that. Not everyone who plays Call of Duty is a 10 year old boy, or a 30 year with the mindset of a teenager. Playing video games is another way to relax, just like watching sports. That I can go on board with, and it's a primary proponent on mobile gaming's explosion over the past 3 years. They're quick, easy breaks from the real world to de-stress.

This could have been a good piece...heck my write-up could have as well. If it Bass approached the idea with a different frame of mind it would have been better and more accepting of men AND women as gamers. Video games are not the only way into a man's heart. You can accept and talk about his hobby without having to play games, and vice-versa men. Women can be gamers too.

I'll end this on my favorite non-grammar friendly quote of the article: "Give different a chance."

Edit 11:52 am: Since posting this, the author has gone back and edited the work. Some of the  material is no longer in context, but I'm maintaining the original blog posting as a reminder that people are allowed to make mistakes. They can go back and refine their work. They can take the critiques and retool. But it's probably best to do that before you post it to the world and it becomes cemented. Next time a follow-up piece would have been appropriate.


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