Friday, April 17, 2015

Bandai-Namco: No More Sailor Moon Games. Also STAR WARS!

I'll get this out of my system now and then we can move on.

*clears throat*

ZOMG Star Wars second teaser trailer! I'm actually excited for this movie nows! Yeas! And oh man! Wish I could be at Celebration. They are seeing the costumes up close! Argh! And the last seconds with Han Solo back as good ol' Han solo. Dah! Love!

Okay. Okay I'm good. I needed that little bit of happy this week. :)

Back to video game news.

With the renewed interest in Sailor Moon, now that Crystal is developing another arc, fans are looking forward to another game by Bandai, Namco. Hold on. There were Sailor Moon video games? Yep. Quite a few actually. They're not bad, per se. I'd equate them to some of the early Barbie Nintendo games that were seemingly pretty to look at, but not much substance behind them. But people like them, so who am I to knock it? (Unless it's Call of Duty.)

But according to The Mary Sue, a new game will not be released in the West. There "may" be a new game, but it'll be localized to Japan only. In fact, no Sailor Moon game has actually made it across the ocean. Theodore Jefferson has been hired by DiC and translation companies to attempt to make Sailor Moon work in the past, and each time it has failed. Time ran out on licensing, there were issues with voice actors, basically anything that could go wrong, did. And Jefferson believes that the publishers are the ones behind it. There's a sense along the top tier chain that the games won't sell in the U.S. because the manga and anime are only popular in Japan.

Now as a moonie, I know that's not true. Sailor Moon is an icon in anime and has an international following. But for some reasons the people making the decisions don't see it. Maybe it's their attempt to keep the moonie following local? Maybe they don't want to share Sailor Moon to the world beyond a few animated episodes? I don't know.

What seems to be fairly true is that Bandai and Namco have no interest in localizing Sailor Moon video games. So don't hold your breath, fans.


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