Thursday, April 23, 2015

Chinese Escorts for Single Gamers

Are you lonely playing video games in that cafe? Tired of sitting for hours on end without a companion at your side. Well, if you're in China then you can hire an escort to keep your worries at bay.

Yep. For many internet cafes, which is one of the only places where people can partake in playing video games due to the rigid regulations in China, people will sit at computers for a chunk of the day. What better way to offer pull more cash out of your customers then by offering them a lovely lady or gent to sit next to you while you game and provide physical comfort. No I don't mean like that. Just simply sitting there and chatting. Sometimes these men and women offer gamers tips and advice on how to improve their score. Others are tutors for high school and college-age students.

The people working these gigs are typically female, as most who visit internet cafes are generally male, and are either college students themselves or moonlighting office workers. And because of the economy, coastal cities are more likely to have these services then cities in the mainland. Similar businesses exist in South Korea and Japan, but it's interesting to see it taking form in China in such a way. As the country eases up on video game restrictions, we may see more of this type of unique activity over the coming years.


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