Friday, May 08, 2015

Another Theme Park Announcement!

Following on the heels of Lionsgate and Disney, Nintendo hasannounced a partnership with Universal to bring their products to the park. The press release was issued early yesterday morning and is recently gaining some traction.

This isn’t just selling Nintendo products at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. They will be designing and building attractions specifically catered to Nintendo characters and their fans. This is more of a literal embodiment of video games coming to life, versus integrating them into pre-existing attractions.

The press release doesn’t provide details on what’s to come. We HOPE there’s a Mario Kart ride. Not because it seems obvious, but throwing banana peels without receiving a littering citation would be fantastic. Nintendo’s goal is to help expand the reach and popularity of its products. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Mario vs. Sonic at Universal Studios game that comes from this.

So hold on to your passes. No construction or timeline details yet. It’ll be a few years down the road, but we’re looking forward to what they have to offer.


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