Friday, May 15, 2015

Art and Mad Max

Not quite a Link Round-Up, but these are two stories that I wanted to call to attention and not let them pass by.

I'll start off with the head desk laughter that is Mad Max: Fury Road. Not the movie itself, but a small group of misogynists (and they call themselves as such, so please don't send hate mail my way) on the blog Return of Kings. They have called for a boycott of this action flick, that is 120 minutes of car chases and explosions. No really. Every critic is saying that, and they're perfectly okay with it. The movie doesn't try to shove anything else into your brain. You want 2 hours of fun? You got it!

So why would these misogynists want to boycott a notoriously male dominated feature? It's because of Charlize Theron. Her character is apparently "too feminist" for the blog's liking. She tough. She holds her own. She doesn't take crap from anyone, male or female. And for these few men, she's too intimidating and encroaching on stereotypical gender stereotypes. Oh no!

I recommend avoiding the comment section, but the article is still funny to read.

And secondly, street art! Specifically 8-bit art in Hong Kong by the artist Invader. Two years ago a movement to introduce art onto the streets of China was wiped out by the government. Now the reclusive artists is back with more gaming icons, and with the laws approval! His art is now appearing on street corners and in galleries, with Mario, Donkey Kong, and pixilated replicas of Bruce Lee. Really cool stuff. Check it out!


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