Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gaming Cupcake Passion

Growing up, we all held some form of gaming dreams. Whether it was to make them, or to simply play them all day, video games have become apart of our daily lives. But maybe not to the extent that we once hoped for as children.

Today's story is one childhood dream turned into reality. A business venture for Misty McAlhany, the owner of Lolee's CupCade in Enterprise, Alabama. It's a bakery based on gamer and geeky themes, but caters to all customers that walk through their door. She's been planning to put this idea into place since she was 14. Being a gamer girl wasn't exactly the "coolest" thing to do. She was a tomboy just like so many of us, and wanted to take the fun of gaming and put into into something she wanted to do for a living.

What makes CupCade different? Well it's not just a bakery. Half of the store holds arcade centers, consoles, and social activities for kids and adults. Over time McAlhany wants to host tournaments and get local gaming groups involved with a designated gathering location. Maybe buy a cupcake or two while they're at it.

Cosplay is encouraged. Local gaming conventions, and a permit to stream BlizzCon from Twitch, will be on the television, mounted along the walls of the shop. They also offer pizza by the slice. It really is a little kids (and big kids), dream spot.

It's great to see dreams come to life. It may not be as grand as building a video game, but creating a tasty confectionery can be equally as daunting.


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