Monday, July 27, 2015

Cosplay In the U.S. Media - Shock to Resume!

Today will be a cosplay post. So gaming nerds, try again tomorrow. But hey! There are video game cosplays in this session to, so it's not all doom and gloom.

Seeing my news feed over the weekend, I was surprised to find cosplay on the front page of Forbes Magazine's website. Yeah. Forbes Magazine.

We've hit the big time! Woo!

The World Cosplay Summit held in Japan is underway this week, as an officially unofficial gathering of cosplayers around the globe in an attempt to take home the title of best cosplayers, and represent their country for a year of glory. It's also a free trip to Japan, so sign me up.

With the success of Heroes of Cosplay and SDCC hitting international levels, conventions and expos are becoming the beacon of nerdom with costumes. Fans showing off their love for a series, movie, or book by creating a costume and bringing a character to life. And now we're on the main stage with news stories and interviews coming out on a weekly basis. It's kind of cool to see.

Before the super nerds of the community start crying foul with the exposure focusing on the negatives, there are some good things to take away from this. Such as opening up the eyes of onlookers to see that we are more then weird people in costumes. That we are REAL people too. That notion still seems to be lost on many. And it can bring new people into the fandom. Individuals who thought they didn't fit in until they saw a costume and realize that they can be just as dorky as the rest of us. (What...we're dorky? Live with it.)

The story on Forbes is just okay. It reads like the writer went to the WCS website and copy/pasted information from last year after the page was translated by Google. But at least they took the extra step to get photos of the teams for 2015, with USA front and center (yea! Go Ladies!).

Still, this notion that cosplay is now out there for public consumption is a big step forward for geeks everywhere. We're being noticed. We're getting sewing patterns made just for us. Stores are being developed to focus on our needs. It's pretty damn cool.


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