Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is Prime Day Worth it for Gamers?

If you weren't aware of this because of your lack of access to technology, or you have ad blockers that you couldn't see the messages being spammed everywhere, today is Prime Day. Amazon is celebrating it's 20th birthday by having a sale that they claim will be bigger then any Black Friday. For 24 hours, they will have their servers processing deals that may be a steal in some situations.

Why is it called Prime Day? While Amazon wants to thank their customers, they're only giving the deals to Prime members. These are the people that pay and extra $99 a year to get a few bonuses by being with Amazon: such as pre-paid 2-day shipping, a movie library for viewing of select titles, and a book rental for their kindle. For the rest of you? Well, you're sol. You don't get the deals.

It's a nice way of saying thanks to the customers that built the company, but only if they pay for the extras that they may never use.

Anyway, so that's the deal. You have to be a Prime member to access the savings. If you're not, no discount for you. And like their Gold Box deals, certain items will only come up during an hour in the day. GamerRevolution has rounded up a list of what will be on sale, but not necessarily when. Expect it to be savings on hardware and accessories, less on software as new products are being released onto the market. Based on the list, the gaming selection is pretty poor. There's Mortal Kombat X for PC at $41.99. And...yeah. It's really piss-poor for Amazon, when they typically have a few good gaming deals to offer. So save yourself the time and the $99 if you're not a Prime Member.

But if you have to have that Skylanders figurine, you can still sign up for Prime and get the savings. Or you can check out Wal-Mart. After Amazon announced their sale, the retail giant combated the challenge with their own super-savings busters. It began this morning, and it will also run throughout the day, and into through the end of the month, with deals rotating daily. No exclusive membership required. And they will price match whatever is on Amazon Prime today.


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