Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up

I don't know what's going on with the news today, but we have some oddballs in the mix with the cool stories. So here is your Weekly Link Round-Up!

- There's a game called Soda Drinker Pro. You walk around and drink soda. You can drink it on a bench. You can drink it while standing up. That's the game. Some creative modders have altered the game to help in physical therapy for stroke survivors. The repetitive motion of the game play allows those in rehab to regain movement in their arms or legs, typically after the nerves and tissue are damaged from the stroke. Very interesting read on how the game was re-purposed.

- Need some games this weekend for a soiree? GamerRant has 9 party games for all ages that may just fit the bill. Some new options are on the list outside of Wii Sports and Mario Party such as Nidhogg and Tower Ascension. Games that will start fights between couples...but are fun. There's nothing more satisfying then stabbing your pixelated enemy and they turn into a puddle of paint goop.

- Razer has officially purchased Ouya. While the hardware division will remain closed, Razer will be taking Ouya's name, software, and licensing, and be rebranded. The first step is with the Ouya App Store, which will now be called Cortex. Razer is looking to play the long-term game with this deal. Ouya has made great strides in bringing new developers and Triple-A groups to mobile devices, and will continue to go down this path as more people move away from consoles and to their phones. A new journey is starting for the small company that was.

- A non-gamer wrote an article on Tech Daily. I'm not entirely sure why or what the purpose was. The headline reads that we're all a bunch of addicts, but that it's not a bad thing because that's where the business is going. More people are gaming. Less people are going outside, but they're still being healthy with their gaming habits. It was an ambiguous headline that made me ponder way too long, because it's a dumb article. So if you need that today, here you go.

- Elite Daily looks at the concept that video gamers are really not bad people. It's the games that make them sound so much worse then they really are. "Nerd Rage" really only happens when we game. We throw out F-bombs and a few racial or sexual slurs, but only during game time. The rest of our lives? Not a peep. James Ivory, a Professor at Virgina Tech's Gamer Lab has been researching this. People are more aggressive and vulgar for 3 reasons: anonymity, lack of face to face interaction, and competition. Add them all up and you have a hostile environment in video games, and people feed off of it. Now it doesn't say if his study included women or if this was strictly focused on male gamers. But the findings are worth a read.


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