Friday, August 21, 2015

Agent 47 Already Failed In Eyes of Critics

Hmm. The Hitman: Agent 47 movie, which released today, did not score well with critics.

Should any of us be surprised by this?

Admittedly I have not seen the film and did not intend to do so. Not until it reached Netflix. It didn't seem like a bad film, but not something worth a money sink that going out to the theater has become. I wouldn't mind paying for it on Pay-Per-View in the comfort of my home. It seems like any mindless action movie, with a few more gravity-defying stunts and an anti-hero from a video game. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but not the video game movie that we need to break barriers.

But nothing is saving the new Agent 47. Even it's predecessor from 2007 had a higher Tomato reading. From the reviews, the reasons behind the poor ratings range from bad script to the in-plausible nature of the stunts. Producer Adrian Askarieh made it a point to Hitman fans that the main character was going to be faithful to the games. The things he does in the movie are what he would do in the games. And from the previews, that seems like an accurate assessment. But again, I haven't seen it.

Maybe this is just bad karma for the film? Originally Paul Walker was set to play as Agent 47 (which was a dumb idea - he does not carry the proper personality to be a cold-blooded assassin), but his untimely death forced a recast. Or maybe it's overeager reviewers ready to bash on all game movies, since their history is notorious for producing crap.

I don't know. I would like to see video game movies evolve. I'd like to see them improve and create a blend between reality and fantasy. But with Hollywood I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. I still hold hope for Five Nights at Freddy's. Maybe the different direction in genre will be the kick gaming movies need.


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