Friday, August 28, 2015

AssCreed Fans...Ready for a Movie?

My Facebook feed was aflutter yesterday with Yahoo's first look at the Assassin's Creed movie with Michael Fassbender as a new hero named Callum Lynch. If the face doesn't seem too familiar with the shadowy hood and the 5pm beard, Fassbender is Magneto in the rebooted X-Men movies. If you're curious about any video game ties in his acting career, he did provide a voice over for Fable 3. That's it.

So while the lot of us cool off at this wickedly bad ass image, what Yahoo provided us was a load of fluff and filler. We know that the movie is set to release in December of 2016 (tentative date of the 21st). The character was made for the film and won't be involved in the video games, but just like the game's Lynch is a descendant of a secret society of assassins and must relive his ancestor's memories to find out more.

And that's all we know. *shrugs* Again, it's fluff. Yahoo showed off an image and we went ga-ga over it.

As we've discussed multiple times in this blog, we don't really know if this movie will be the "hit" for game-related cinema. The history has been in flux. The lack of information for a "first look" is not going to quell the rumblings of gaming fans, AssCreed die-hards in particular. Without knowing even an ounce of the plot-line, we can only hope that the production crew are up to the task of bringing AC dutifully to the screen.

My current prediction is that this is going to be getting the same treatment as Prince of Persia. For a number of gaming fans, they wish this movie didn't exist. But it did decently at the box office and among critics. It's one of the highest rated video game movies on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. And it pulled in over $300 million world-wide to beat out other other game movies at the time. The movie itself is not that bad. They took creative liberties with the story to fit within a movie framework. Until Ace Attorney was released, I felt this was the best that video game movies have to offer.

How the AssCreed movie is setting itself up is very similar to what they did with Prince of Persia for marketing. So I'm ambivalent. But hopeful that they'll leak new information in the coming months as production moves forward.

Let's hope they shoot for an AC3, and not Unity.


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