Monday, August 31, 2015

Atari Video Games Sell for $100 Grand!

Don't jump into your boxes of old video games and expect a big payout yet. There's a big caveat to this article that a lot of news sites have been overlooking, or fail to mention directly, by giving only a snippet of the info towards the end of the story.

Last year it was confirmed that the mythological dumping ground for old Atari games, specifically the E.T. game, does exist. Production company Lightbox Entertainment wanted to unearth the games as part of a documentary for Microsoft. After the interwebs went crazy over the news, people wanted to get their hands on one of the games that was buried in the New Mexico sands. Not to play but to own a piece of gaming lore turned textbook history.

To help recoup some of the monetary losses with the EPA holding up the dig, the production team sold off most of the stash of games they were able to recover. 881 games to be exact. What was found in the desert was not just E.T. There were copies of Asteroids, Warlords, Defender, Missile Command, and more. E.T. ended up with the highest bidding price of $1,535. But again, that's nostalgia and gaming history we're talking about.

So when you put it into perspective, that's a lot of games that didn't make a lot of money. Even if you remove E.T., on average the 880 games earned $111.89 each (or $113.51 if you start with the $100 grand and include E.T.). While the average sounds great, you can be certain that Asteroids did not rake up $113 on it's sale. Maybe $10, and that's being generous.

Once again this is a lovely reminder that not all of your games are worth something. But hey! Dump your games into the New Mexico desert, wait a few decades and who knows. Maybe it'll become a part of gaming history that people want a piece of.


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