Monday, August 03, 2015

Autodesk is Testing Waters with New Game Engine

Autodesk, the software developer behind Maya and 3DS Max Modeling, just announced to the public that they have built a game engine. Titled Stingray, the software is toting itself as revolutionary and seamless, allowing developers to create just about anything their imagination can come up with.

One of the perks of Stingray, according to the press release and Frank Delise, the head of Autodesk's game development department, is that the technology will allow multiple departments to work on one program. Most game studios have different software for each area. Artists use one program while renders use another. It can be difficult to communicate ideas effectively with so many unique programs that can't talk to each other. Stingray hopes to eliminate that allowing programmers, artists, designers, and everyone in between to use the same software and merge everything together.

They have also incorporated multi-platform coding and testing. So instead of having to create codes for a PS4, XBox, and Mobile system, you can code once and the software will handle the rest. It's not full proof and will most likely require tweaking on each platform. But the bulk of the work being handled for you will help reduce time wasted.

Stingray will be available starting August 15th, and you can get it for as low as $30 with their basic subscription service. There are free options for gaming students, and lower discounts if you purchase a longer license. Compare that to Unity, which charges $75 a month, or Unreal which is a 5% royalty for gamers earning more then $3,000 a quarter, Stingray sounds like a game-changing bargain.


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