Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Console Hybrid Attempting Crowdfunding in China

Speaking of potential Kickstarter hokum, how about the OUYE from China, looking for $15,000 to manufacturer and sell their own gaming console. If that name sounds familiar, you're not imaging it. The OUYE is a weird concoction of the PS4, XBox One, and the Ouya. And the designers created it that way, taking the powerhouse of the Ouya Kickstarter funding and looking to replicate it.

They have released it for funding on the Chinese knock-off Kickstarter site Z.Jd. (Red Flag #1) and they're only asking for $15 grand on a system that looks really flashy for what little hardware is being placed into it. (Red Flag #2) And you can purchase said system, if released, for $70! (Red Flag #3)

The company, Shenzhen, is calling it a micro-platform, even though it'll be about the size of a PS4 and XBox One. It will run off of Android and will allow developers to create their own content. It will also come with an XBox One controller. Yep. Even says so in the campaign. They added in additional buttons where the XBox One on/off jewel is, but it's the same darn thing.

For something that looks like a blatant rip-off of current gen systems, how can this happen? Why hasn't it been removed from the site? A lot of it has to do with China's relaxed copyright laws. Even now with the console ban lifted, it doesn't stop people from copying and redistributing content. We're likely to see more copy/paste models of systems in the near future.

Crowdfunding. It's funny locally and internationally as well.


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