Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up With GTA5, Turok, and Plants?

It's that time again! A weekly link round-up of all the chills and spills of gaming news around the web. And there are a lot of things to talk about!

- YouTube has launched their Video Game Streaming Services, called YouTube Gaming. The website and app will allow for better searching and compiling of gaming videos that are already on YouTube. And it will introduce a different method for gamers to stream direct to YouTube, with 60 FPS streaming capabilities. Looking forward to seeing what else they are offering that will allow them to stand out from Twitch.

- There are a lot of strange mods for GTA5. The Mass Effect 3 Reaper for one (and if the blimp has a horn, God help us if someone adds in the Reaper sound effects. BWAHHHHHHHH!) and now someone has lovingly re-created the original Pokémon anime intro. With Trevor as Ash. People have too much free time.

- WhatCulture has yet another list, this time looking at the 20 games of the 2000's that were underrated. Take it with a light heart. When a list includes Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, you can't take it seriously.

- If you're still in Summer Vacation mode and looking for a fun road trip, tour the country and visit 5 places from video games that are real. #4 and 5 are a bit of a throwaway though. The Old State House in Boston, Mass. is a historical icon and the Millennium Park in Chicago, IL are tourist staples. It would be like playing Die Hard 3 (yes, there is a video game of this), which takes place in New York City, and then visiting the Empire State Building. The "interesting" places in video games are the ones that seem like they shouldn't exist. Such as Centralia, PA from Silent Hill. Which is a real town that has been abandoned due to a fire in a coal mine, that still burns! It's creepy.

- GamePolitics is doing an unofficial poll/survey asking how do you feel about microtransactions in a $60, AAA game? With Metal Gear Solid V releasing soon, the game will contain such a feature. And at this point, it's not unheard of. Games such as Assassins Creed: Unity are littered with microtransactions. The few posts have been focused on multiplayer content or mobile phones, so there isn't a good round-up on opinions quite yet. Hopefully the results will be posted soon. So go vote!

- Turok and Turok 2 are being remastered for the PC! Rejoice kids of the 90's! Night Drive Studios has been working on bringing these games back with upgrades to work for today's machines. No release date or price point has been announced yet, but Turok! Dinosaurs with lasers on their heads! Get excited!

- GamerRant looks at the 5 games with the best of the best character customization. We're talking about spending hours in making your avatar look how you want it to be before you ever start playing the game. I would argue with games like The Sims, half of the fun is in designing your digital characters. But the list is, meh. Saints Row definitely deserves a place. And BioWare as a whole should get a nod for including your history developing your character's story during the creation process. But as far as actually sitting down and making a character from scratch, to the point where you can alter freckles, cheekbones, even upload your own skin color - these list is subpar. I'll always contend that Star Wars: Galaxies had the best of the best. Bar none.

- And because my life loves to mirror my video game habits, there is now a game about growing plants. Viridi is available for free on Steam. You pick your pot. You pick your plant, or plants (which are varieties of succulents, some of the easiest plants to take care of). You click the plant to give it water. And you watch it grow. So what's the appeal to this? It's an anti-clicking game. Unlike the button mashers that are thriving on Steam right now, Viridi wants users to step back and examine the simple joys of the world. Life can move too fast, especially if you're apt to quickly click through it. Viridi is a test of patience and clicker-resistance. There are so many game theories and social aspects to this game that I want to study!


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