Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up

Another week has passed, and it's been a fast one. Busy with work. Busy with costuming. Busy with gaming. Busy everything! So let's have our weekly link round-up to get us back on track.

- CNN says your old video game could be worth $12,000! And if you have read this blog, you know to not take that story at face value. According to the news-source, eBay and YouTube are the reason why prices for retro games are going up. New channels focused on hunting down rare games are potentially driving up prices as more viewers come in to watch the web shows. But! As always, not everything you own from the NES is worth 10 grand. So be cautious when you sell.

- The Huffington Post has a list of 21 games everyone must play before they die. And most of the choices are good. Everyone needs to play Donkey Kong Country for the SNES. It's a brilliant upgrade to video games that spurred the industry forward. But I'm not so sure about Ikaruga. It's a side-scrolling shooter and it's incredibly difficult. On the level of Ninja Gaiden "zomg make it stop!" difficult. There's nothing really outstanding about the game other then that - and if you can beat the game without dying congrats. I think this is more of an accomplishment brag then anything else.

- Wonder what happened to Zoe Quinn and how the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) have been dealing with the rise of sexism in the gaming world? The Seattle Times has you covered with loads of interviews from developers and the community on what's being done to curb the problem.

- Is PS3 and XBox 360 support ending sooner then later? That's what CNET is reporting, even though Sony and Microsoft have not confirmed that they are stepping up the "ending" dates. Over the past month console sales for the PS4 and XBox One have grown about 2% and game sales are steady, which was enough for CNET to believe that the console makers are going to drop service earlier then expected. For a measly 2% growth? I doubt it. A lot of us doubt it. Microsoft has confirmed in the past that they plan to end development for 360 games by the end of 2016, and Sony will not be far after.

- The Pew Research Center has found that video games, mobile phones, and social media make up the bulk of relationships for teenagers and how kids maintain friendships. 13% of teens socialize with their friends via video games daily, while texting makes up 55%.

- And finally, if you need light-reading and want to shake your head at the lack of commitment in creating an article, head to for the 4 Career Lessons Learned from Video Games. I think former attorney Jack Thompson could have created a better list then this.


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