Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Mario!

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating 25 years of Nintendo. And yesterday, Mario officially turned 30. The plumber with the large nose, mustache, red and blue overalls has been a staple of gaming culture, and if the release of Super Mario Maker is any indication, he'll be around for a long time.

Fans, gaming sites, and newspapers globally celebrated the plumber the life of Mario. And why wouldn't they? Without Mario, gaming wouldn't be the big success that it is today. And how many known figures, real or fictional, have such a lasting influence to still be active after 30 years? Not even Sonic can compete with that kind of staying power.

Here's a round-up of the online postings that stood out:

- Watch Mario blow out some candles on a birthday cake at Nintendo HQ in Japan, via the Wall Street Journal. Nintendo also named Tatsumi Kimishima as their new president. But really. It's all about Mario today! And look at him flail at the cake!

- Digg created a 4 minute and 30 second video on the evolution of Mario. Every game ever made, including the stand-alone arcades are included. Mario has been a busy man.

- Stuff lists their 10 favorite Mario games, but it looks more like a list of "here's the best in order of release." Either way, they're all great Mario titles and deserving of a flashback tale.

- Mashable takes a look at the history of not just Mario, but the Nintendo Entertainment System. And how Mario put that console on the map for generations to come. I remember some of those advertisements from the 80's. Those were the times, and talking robots were the future! But it might be surprising to find out that not many people were keen on selling another game console with Atari and CalicoVision biting the dust earlier. Release of the NES began in New York City before it expanded throughout the US. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

- TechTimes came up with a list of 30 fun facts about Mario that you may, or may not, now about. Like! Did you know that Bullet Bill and Torpedo Ted may have been named in homage of 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure'? That's the theory. I don't think it's true.


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