Thursday, September 24, 2015

TBS to Air New Video Game Competition Show in 2016

TBS has recently announced that it will be broadcasting a video game tournament program starting in 2016. The show will feature a 10-week season, airing on Friday nights, where eSports competitors will play live against each other in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The game may seem out of date to many of you, but it's one of the staples of eSports for it's consistency in game play, minimal lag, and scoring system. It also doesn't have a yearly release like some products (*coughscallofdutycoughs*) so it makes it a more reliable game by allowing players a chance to learn the content and improve themselves over time, just as with any sport.

Turner Broadcasting System, TBS owner, is looking to post the show live, and have the same quality of filming as one would expect from a basketball game. A brand new set is being built for the show, which would include more stadium-like seating for audiences. They'll be bringing in some of the top eSports announcers, though names and dates have yet to be revealed.

The jump to eSports coverage shouldn't be surprising given that ESPN is on board and broadcasting tournaments regularly.

From the sound of things, this new TBS show is going after known eSports teams who are invested in Counter Strike as their game of choice. Instead of getting 4 or 5 amateurs and placing them on a team (something G4TV did in the very early days with their gaming shows), they want people who play professionally. It'd make for more interesting matches, that's for sure.

As mentioned, no date on a premier has been listed yet, but it's good to see how far gaming has come with eSports over the past few years. Cable TV is taking it to another level.


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