Friday, September 11, 2015

Thank Riot for Not Being Dicks With Freemium

Ah freemium gaming: the growing cesspool of discontent for gamers everywhere. Products that seem "free" but ask you for money in blatant or subversive ways. League of Legends is no exception, where you can dump hundreds of dollars in an instant to get your Hero pimped out in the best gear possible. But the free version is equally as rewarding. It just takes a hell of a lot longer to get the rewards, versus paying for them.

One YouTuber, Randy Nova, envisioned a world where League was bought out by EA and what the MOBA would look like under their right.

It's not pretty.

If you did a side by side comparison on how Riot and EA handle in-game micro transactions, you would be surprised at just how tame Riot is in trying to solicit money from you. Imagine all of the pop-ups after every match, berating you to buy more stuff. Or the in-game ads (because it's EA and you know it would happen). The video is annoying and scary, because this happens all the time with EA and Ubisoft games. All. The. Time. I can't even touch Dragon Age: Inquisition's mutliplayer because all I see are promos and prompts to buy the stupid in-game packs. No thanks.

It's also obvious that Nova is poking fun at EA's tactics. But in reality, he's not far off from the truth. It's creepy. So a thumbs up to Riot for not being dicks about slamming ads to buy content in our faces.


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